Getting To Know You (written assignment)

For our Creative Being event on January 28th, we had a joint masquerade ball and a one minute video festival. I found it to be a very enjoyable event that showcased many individual talents. The BINGO sheet was also an engaging activity, I was able to learn the names of people around me whom I haven’t met before and find out a bit about them. It was great to see a different range of creativity in the one minute videos. From what I remember, there were music videos, poetry, little enactments, drawings, spoken word and song covers. There were very silly ones, and there were very happy ones, and there were ones that were just really strange; all of them were interesting to watch. Since I like arts and crafts, I decided to take part in the masquerade ball. My friend and I bought some supplies from dollar store and we made our masks out of paper plates and popsicle sticks. At first I wasn’t sure what to make, but since I was thinking that masquerades should be glamourous, I chose glittery colours like silver and gold. The areas around the mask I did in black fine liner, and this is the part that is more representative of me. I want to hide behind this mask because it is beautiful, as well as simple and illustrative.


When I looked around the room and saw the variety of masks produced,I was struck by the amount of individuality of each person. Everyone had different tastes and materials, and the works we created were like little masterpieces embedded with bits and pieces of ourselves.


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